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A scallop edged skirt for a day in the sun

April 26, 2017
Scallop edged skirt And She Made

I’ve just enjoyed a lovely long week back at home and in the company of my sewing machine once again, which has been bliss, I can tell you.

I usually leave London with a list as long as my arm of things I need to make, but never seem to get around to making them all, but a scallop edged skirt has been on my wishlist for ages, ever since I pinned the below image to my ‘DIYs and Crafts‘ board.

See the similarities? I love the idea of pairing this beautiful skirt with a comfy Breton. Fun fact for you: this top once belonged to my Dad and was genuinely bought in France.

On to the skirt. I hacked the Prima skirt pattern I used here and simply made a scallop shape to add to the bottom. Easy, eh? Except that when I came to hemming it, it proved to be a nightmare. I tried hemming it by hand but, because I am lazy, got bored of that way and tried to machine hem it. Hemming it this way meant that the scallops didn’t look as neat as they should have so I undid my work and will hand hem the skirt properly (probably over many nights) before I wear it outside.

At one point I even considered cutting the scallop edge off and straight hemming it, but I’ll leave that until I get bored of this look. The good thing about this skirt is that it is easily adaptable.

Additionally, I also halved the width of the waistband and obviously added the extra length to accommodate the scallops and hem.

The fabric is from Ebay and was made from a leftover piece of fabric after I made something else for me as well as a special project for my Mum.

BTW, I promise you my cat in the main picture is enjoying the sun and not passed out. Strange cat!

Scallop edged skirt And She Made

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