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Five of the best dungaree sewing patterns

February 24, 2017
Five of the best dungaree sewing patterns

It seems like everyone in the sewing community has made a Cleo and it’s fair to assume that Tilly has cornered the market with the dungaree dress. However, there are other pinafore and dungaree dress patterns out there and I thought I’d let you in on which ones are available if you don’t quite fancy making the Cleo.

Disclaimer: Cleo is also included in this round-up as it is a great pattern!

Turia dungarees

Pauline Alice Turia dungarees

Possibly the most instagrammed dungaree pattern, the Turia, by Pauline Alice, is a close second to the Cleo in my opinion but comes with the option of both shorts and trousers, so it’s a win win situation. These dungarees have been around slightly longer than the Cleo and I’m itching to make myself a floral pair for the summer. If you’re thinking the same, just look at this bright version by Cocowawa Crafts as well as this Turia hack!

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A novelty printed hedgehog dress

February 21, 2017
Hedgehog dress And She Made

I found this novelty print hedgehog fabric completely by chance in my local craft store. This is one of those shops you first venture into for supplies when you’re doing GCSE art and it doesn’t change over the years. But I’ve found some great fabrics there in the past and this time was no different.

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Filmspiration: La La Land

February 12, 2017
La La Land sewing the costumes And She Made

I have finally watched La La Land (you may have seen me mention it here) and it was as amazing as everyone says it is. It’s got both Ryan Gosling (I’ve loved him since The Notebook) and Emma Stone (one of my fave female actresses) in and the costumes, which all seem to be made in primary colours, are beautiful. I think the costume designer has done an incredible job with the clothes in the film.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the cinema to see La La Land was because of the fashion. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you really should. The trailer shows some of the amazing costumes that Emma wears, but it goes without saying that you can see them in better detail in the film.

Although I’d really love to recreate each one, there are a few dresses that stand out in particular for me, so I thought I’d do a round-up of the costumes I loved. Read on for more.

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