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Places I love: Yumchaa, Soho

October 19, 2015
Yumchaa Soho

I first heard about Yumchaa on Berwick Street in Soho about two years ago, on a work lunch. I instantly fell in love with the place and have been back numerous times since. Plus, it’s two doors down from Cloth House, so I’m always passing it.

The food is affordable, the chocolate velvet cake is divine and the tea – well there’s so many different blends to choose from that you’d have to be a frequent visitor of Yumchaa to get through them all. My favourites are the red chai rooibos or the lapsang souchong. Yumchaa specialises in tea and the different kinds are all on the counter, in little jugs, so that visitors can have a browse (and a sniff) before they buy. And the staff are so lovely and chatty and extremely helpful if you’re not sure which blend to go for too!

Yumchaa SohoI also recently went on my way back from Copenhagen and ordered a chilli chilli bang bang hot chocolate (basically hot chocolate with a chilli tea blend in) and, oh my, that was worth the trip to London alone.

I love Berwick Street for its food stalls and fabric shops, but this beauty is literally just a few minutes walk max from Oxford Street, yet feels a million miles away. Plus there are far fewer tourists lingering around on the street.

If you’re ever near Oxford Street, do make a trip to nearby Berwick Street. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Location: Berwick Street, Soho (nearest tube: Oxford Circus)

What to order: A chai latte made with Yumchaa’s special blend of roiboos tea. Caffeine free and milky definitely makes a winner!

Where to sit: Downstairs is windowless but a lot quieter than upstairs and has the quirkier range of seats and tables. Only sit by the speakers though if you don’t need to get any urgent work done as it can get quite noisy there.

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