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Prima Makes

February 12, 2014


I just wanted to post a little update on my work for Prima lately. As you know, before Christmas, I was working for the magazine’s craft supplement. This is the result of that work. I’m actually back there next week working on issue two, but the first issue is out on the shelves now (until the end of March). Why not go and pick up a copy for some great crafting ideas and photos of lovely things? The magazine even comes with items to make a mouse shaped pin cushion, in an adorable floral fabric. It’s available in WH Smiths and Tesco, but if you see it anywhere else, let me know.


Back from hiatus

November 10, 2013

IMG_3174Apologies for being away from the blog for a little while. As I mentioned previously, I’ve been in London, which is where I still am. Things have been happening lately and I got some more work from Prima after they extended my internship, so I’m still here for the time being. I’ve actually been working on their craft supplement, Prima Makes magazine, the next of which is out in February. But if you want to know what I was doing in the summer, and are in the mood for Christmassy crafts (please don’t say it’s too early – I’ve been thinking about Christmas since August!), then pop into WH Smiths and pick up a copy of the above, Prima Christmas Makes, only £3.99. Can you tell I love my job?