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Places I love: The Gower, Wales

August 3, 2015
Port Eynon beach, The Gower

The Gower is one of my favourite places in the whole world and Port Eynon and Horton, two interconnecting villages on the west side of the peninsula, are hidden gems that few people know about.

It hasn’t got the views that Rhossili Bay has and it isn’t as well known as Oxwich Bay. In fact, there isn’t that much to see – just a few cottages, two chip shops, a surf shop and an RNLI building, but this place has such a sense of nostalgia and happiness for me.

My family and I used to come here on holiday all the time as children. My aunt and uncle owned a caravan on what we thought was the steepest hill in Wales up until about ten years ago. We’d sit at the caravan window at night or if it rained, watching the lighthouses and the boats cross from one side to the other. On a good day we could see Ilfracombe from the beach (if you look closely at the right of the photo below you can just make Devon out) and this used to excite me so much. We were so near yet so far! Continue Reading…