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Tartan Sudley

February 12, 2018

When winter comes along, I immediate associate the season with tartan and plaids and these past few months have been no different.

While home at Christmas, I decided to make a dress for the festivities and decided on another smock dress to add to my ever growing collection.

And She Made tartan dress

I’ve been wanting to buy this fabric for a while. I saw it on the Fabrics Galore website and knew it was a special fabric but it stayed in my basket for a while before I actually got round to buying it.

I used the Sudley dress pattern from Megan Nielsen (again with the longer sleeve hack I also used here), but omitted the neckline opening and button detail this time, making this even simpler to construct than before.

And She Made tartan dress

I’ve worn it a few times (on Christmas day, natch) and to work, where one of my colleagues guessed I’d made it (not sure this is a good thing?) and it’s just the comfiest, loveliest dress to wear. I’m dreaming of many more tartan smock dresses in the near future, in contrasting fabrics. Maybe some more tartan versions too?

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