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In the quiet mornings

February 1, 2017
Quiet mornings And She Made

I’m at home this week, having some time off and some time to generally unwind after the chaos of recent weeks. It’s in these quiet moments, the time that I wake up before my alarm, that I like to plan….

There is something quite special about getting up so early, with no one around and you can down with your cup of coffee and notebook in hand.

As a freelancer I often find that my most creative moments are in the earliest of mornings or the late, late evenings and, you know what, sometimes it feels great to work that way. It’s a way of working against the grain, the natural order of things or the standard nine to five.

This morning I’m planning things to sew, fabrics to buy, as well as practical career stuff. There are lots of exciting things going on and I like this time of planning in solitude, waiting until the right moment to reveal all.

I hope your mornings are equally as blissful…

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