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How to make your own bias binding (without a bias maker)

December 10, 2016
Bias binding And She Made

Bias binding – it’s a beautiful thing and really adds a special touch to your work. Once you’ve learnt how to make your own, you’ll never look back and, best of all, you don’t even need anything fancy to make it with, just a few items you probably already have and your lovely fabric of choice.

Bias binding And She Made

What you’ll need:

– Fabric of your choice (how much is up to you – you could measure it by the project or make it by the metre)

– Masking tape

– A pin

– Iron and ironing board

Bias binding And She Made

To make:

Bias binding has often been used to tidy up the edges of fabric and it’s perfect for corners as it’s cut on the bias. First, iron your fabric flat and position on a table once that bit’s done.

Next, attach your masking tape to the fabric, diagonally, starting from one corner, leaving a small gap in between each strip of masking tape.

Bias binding And She Made

Once that’s done, cut out your strips and remove the masking tape. This bit is optional, but if you want to make a long strip then you’ll need to sew each strip together (right sides together) so that it makes one long piece of bias binding. Don’t worry about sewing the sides.

Position your pin across your ironing board, so that there is a gap for the fabric (as demonstrated in the photo below). You’ll need to feed your fabric through this gap so make sure you’re happy with the width and have a play around if not.

Bias binding And She Made

Bias binding And She Made

Cut the one end of your bias binding into a point and (this bit is slightly tricky), fold each side of the fabric towards the middle of your bias binding with the folded side facing upwards. Then feed the fabric through the pin and iron it flat when it comes out the other side.

Bias binding And She Made

That’s it!

I used this Moda fabric to make mine, but I’m already planning on making more bias binding using my Liberty scraps.

Let me know if you make your own bias binding according to this tutorial and what you think.

Bias binding And She Made

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