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Simple navy ballet top

March 9, 2016
Ballet top And She Made

Recently my sister and I have been obsessing and reminiscing over ballet – me watching ballet videos on Youtube and my sister actually attending ballet classes – so this simple top seemed like a perfect way to use up some fabric remnants.

Ballet top And She MadeIt really is the simplest top. I found an old copy of Burdastyle magazine around, had a quick read and found a top I don’t remember seeing before. The back is actually the same as the front – the version in the magazine was too fussy and I wanted a project that would take me no longer than an hour.

It’s a simple V neck shape although not as tidy as it should be since I don’t own an overlocker, which would have helped massively with the stretchiness of the fabric.

But it’s not a bad job considering it was fabric that was given to me and a quick make. Plus, I gave it to my sister (my harshest critic) and she did wear it to ballet this week so that’s something.

As for the ballet, I do intend on starting an actual class soon. Things, as always, seem to be getting in the way and I am the world’s worst procrastinator, but I fully intend on joining my local class soon. Have any of you tried adult ballet? Is it any good? Is it fun?

Similar top patterns can be found here and here and if you’re interested, this is the one I made.

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