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Pattern mixing: A Vogue Anna hack

October 4, 2015
Vogue V1102 Anna hack

Although I love the By Hand London Anna dress, one thing I’m not so keen on about the pattern is the capped sleeves, which aren’t the most flattering on me. The skirt, however, definitely makes up for this and is a really nice, incredibly flattering fit.

I really enjoyed working with the Vogue V1102 pattern too and thought the two patterns might just work together, so I set about creating a Vogue Anna hack.

Vogue Anna hack

I found the purple floral fabric in my stash. I’d originally bought it for a Ruby dress but it wasn’t wide enough to use on a circle skirt, as it has this extra cotton border running across it. The website says the fabric is polycotton but it feels more polyester than cotton to me and is very, very see-through. I lined the bodice but really should have lined the skirt too. Obviously I didn’t as I am a lazy sewer when making something for myself.

I hacked the Anna to fit with the Vogue V1102 (previously posted about here) and swapped the backless dress for the Ruby back (here) which was a great idea I found on Almond Rock’s blog a little while ago, so all credit goes to her for this one.

Vogue Anna hack

I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I think the main thing that’s putting me off is the feel of the fabric which reminds me of something my Grandmother used to wear in the 60s and I’m very touchy-feely with fabric (anyone else also touch everything they like in a shop, to get the feel before buying or is that just me?).

The fabric also reminds me of Liberty’s Felicité fabric that I definitely bought at the time and you can still buy at Shaukat now apparently.

Next time, however, I will spend the extra money and buy the Felicité as I’m sure the better quality far outweighs this one, although if you don’t mind polyester then definitely go for this one.

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