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A knitting update

October 30, 2017

Although I spend most of my spare time sewing, it’s not my only love. I began knitting around five years ago and after a few false starts, finally picked it up at a stitch and bitch class when I lived in Cardiff. Now that I live in London (and away from my sewing machine), I’ve started to pick it up again in the evenings. It’s definitely something creative I can get on board with in front of the TV or a box set. There always seems to be one thing stopping me though. The thing I don’t enjoy about knitting is the time it takes to finish one thing and I have grand plans for things to make. If you follow me over on Pinterest you’ll see that.

Knitting And She Made

Currently, I have a nearly finished blanket, an almost-at-the-halfway-point cropped maroon jumper, have started some socks and am attempting another jumper in self-striping wool. The last two projects have only been started in the past month so it’s really not too bad, but it just takes so long!

Knitting And She Made

Knitting a jumper while watching The Killing

Knitting And She Made

The blanket in progress

Knitting And She Made

Working on the huge knitted blanket

Knitting And She Made

I’m always on the lookout for ways to pick up the pace on my knitting. Two of the projects I’m currently working on are knitted on chunky wool but I also love the look of thinner wool – it just takes so much longer. If you have any failsafe techniques for quick knitting then hit me up!

I have, however, managed to finish a few projects. I wear my favourite ever lilac snood all the time in winter and I’ve made at least two others much the same, plus a knitted striped scarf in some wool I bought from Sincerely Louise at last year’s Handmade Fair. Hopefully one day soon, I’ll be able to show you some other finished projects!

Here’s me wearing it with my siblings last Christmas:

And She Made lilac snood

And here’s one from early 2014 when I must have just finished it:

And She Made lilac snood

It gets a lot of wear and it’s still holding up pretty well!

Do you follow me over on Instagram? I post my makes and updates over there!

Crafting ideas

Christmas gift guide for crafters: knitting

December 13, 2016
crafty gift guide knitting And She Made

With Christmas a mere 12 (!!) days away, it’s time to get thinking about what we want to buy the knitters in our lives and what better way to think about it than by stocking up on the gifts in my below gift guide, featuring the likes of Debbie Bliss and Wool Couture Company? Go on, you know you want to! Read on for more.

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Crafting ideas

Wonderwool Wales 2015: A review

May 12, 2015


Wonderwool Wales, an annual wool and crafts festival held in the picturesque mid Wales countryside, is somewhere I’ve never been before, despite (shamefully) only living just over an hour away from it.

The festival is now in its tenth year. I finally got a chance to visit it last month and I wasn’t disappointed by the stalls and demos that I saw. Although there were plenty of wool stalls, different types of yarns and even some actual sheep and alpaca, it wasn’t all about the wool. There were also spinning demonstrations, fabric stalls, clothing, buttons and accessories, a ‘sheepwalk’ catwalk and lots of atmosphere, spread across three halls of the Royal Welsh showground.

A cardigan for Cardigan, knitted in celebration of the Welsh town's 900th birthday

A cardigan for Cardigan, knitted in celebration of the Welsh town’s 900th birthday

Members of the town came together to knit the five metre wide cardigan

Members of the town came together to knit the five metre wide cardigan

There was also ‘A cardigan for Cardigan’, a giant knitted cardigan made for Cardigan in west Wales by people from the town and organised by community artist Lisa Hellier, as well as Alison Murray‘s gingerbread house, a life-size knitted house complete with interior, exterior and even a garden.

Alison Murray's giant knitted gingerbread house

Alison Murray’s giant knitted gingerbread house

There were plenty of yarn related names that I recognised too, including BaaRamEwe, Toft and Coop Knits and some that I didn’t, including Jenny Barnett‘s needlefelted sculptures and The Lost Sheep Company, who had two live spinning demonstrations outside their stall. I love discovering new crafters and there was definitely enough at Wonderwool Wales to keep all ages entertained.

The festival itself was started in 2006 to promote the Welsh wool market and covers everything from the start of the creative process to the end. For more information and news on future events, visit their website.

I really enjoyed myself at Wonderwool Wales and I’d very much like to go again next year. There really was something for every kind of crafter there, not just the knitters!







Crafting ideas

New craft magazine to launch

March 12, 2013


A new magazine for crafters will launch at the end of this month, it has been announced.

Crafty magazine, a new publication from Knit Now makers, Practical Publishing, will be available to buy in shops from March 28th.

The magazine will celebrate all things craft-related by including features on upcycling, thrifting and customising clothes, as well as having craft news and creative projects for readers to fawn over.

More information on Crafty’s launch and a sneak peek of the magazine can be found here.

Crafting ideas

Review of The Knitting Book

January 31, 2013

IMG_1307I received this book for Christmas and it has literally changed my life. I would describe it as a knitting bible for both beginners and experienced knitters as it teaches things from different stitches to embellishing your knitting. It even has a section dedicated purely to patterns, some of which are quite easy to do.

I don’t usually post reviews of craft books, as I tend to make up my own rules about crafting (I’m more of a visual learner rather than someone who learns from a book and thus I don’t follow patterns very easily), but even I can follow this book. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s up there with the only other craft book I own, Eithne Farry’s Yeah, I made it myself (aka the book that got me really interested in sewing in 2007).

The Knitting Book includes visual examples of knitting techniques

The Knitting Book includes visual examples of knitting techniques

The book, edited by Vikki Haffenden and Frederica Patmore, is divided into sections which range from ‘tools and materials’ to ‘techniques’. The crafter in me loved the visual gallery of different stitches, as this allowed me to decide on a stitch without having to knit it first to see what it looked like.

The book also includes patterns to follow once you have mastered knitting, such as this one above

The book also includes patterns to follow once you have mastered knitting, such as this one above

It includes many pictures to compare with your own knitting and explains the basic and more advanced techniques of knitting in an easy to understand way. I’ve already been recommending it to all my crafty friends and can’t wait to learn some new stitches.

The Knitting Book is available here for £16.00.