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The ultimate cutout dress: Dixie DIY’s Bonnell

October 23, 2016
Dixie DIY Bonnell dress

As soon as I found out about Dixie DIY’s cutout dress, I knew I had to make it. The dress is a real beauty with a gathered skirt, high neckline, V neck back and cutout sides and it’s just calling out for a floral fabric to make it in. I actually wanted to make it in this fabric but it wasn’t to be, sadly.

I bought the fabric from Billow Fabrics but it’s originally from Blend Fabrics. It’s called ‘Field of flowers’.

Dixie DIY Bonnell dress

Here’s a confession about the fabric. I usually purchase three metres for a dress and put that amount in my basket (before payday, natch – it was in there a few days), then when I went to buy it, it all went through but it turned out that I’d ordered more than the shop had in stock. I got the loveliest email from the shop saying they’d refund me, but it’s a beauty so of course I wasn’t going to say no to even the smallest amount. And luckily, I managed to make it out of what I had.

Here I am wearing it around the sunny streets of south London in the summer….

Dixie DIY Bonnell dress

I also love the pockets of this dress. They’re so well-hidden and deep enough that I’m always sticking my hands in them.

Dixie DIY Bonnell dress


I actually have another one in half-completed mode but it’s now October, my black tights are calling and I’m not sure a chambray cutout dress is the best thing to wear while crunching through leaves! Hmmm…


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