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A different shade of green

October 2, 2015
Green cutout dress

It feels like ages since I made the green Vogue V1102 dress, especially as I’ve made a few more since then. I had some leftover fabric from the make, and I thought perhaps I could eke out a separate dress from it. It did take a bit of manoeuvring but I got there in the end.

I really wanted to make a cutout dress, especially since I wanted to hang on to as much of the summer as I could. I know it’s already October, but in my defence, I did make this about a month ago. I found the below two examples on Pinterest and I think they both come from the same shop. They’re very similar and I just love the triangular shape of the cutouts, as well as the neon embroiderery that draws attention to the cutouts.



I also already own this dress by ASOS which I love and have worn loads, so I definitely get my wear out of cutout dresses. I amended my self-drafted bodice from this dress (which you’ll be seeing some more of soon) by basically cutting out a separate triangular shape, similar to the above examples and cutting it out of my fabric (not so technical but it worked for me!). The triangular shapes don’t look as pronounced here but I think it’s the way the dress hangs.

I also added a cutout shape to the back of the dress. My thinking was that I might as well make the back cutout as well (go hard or go home!). For this, I traced my bodice back and cut across it diagonally to create a larger triangular shape for the centre back. I added a simple gathered skirt (far less gathered than usual simply because of the amount of fabric I had left) and created a waistband.

Green cutout dress

It’s a nice fit but it’s far from my best work. The bodice could do with me bringing it in a bit and I’m not that happy with the skirt, so I might buy some more of this fabric, rip it out and start again. The waistband was also originally double the length but I shortened that quite considerably and now it looks ok, but I wouldn’t make another the same.

I do want to try my hand at another cutout dress, but maybe when this one isn’t so fresh in my mind (and maybe when it’s not so cold outside!). Have any of you amended a dress pattern to make it cutout? I’d love to see some examples! I also found this great tutorial for a different kind of cutout back online.

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